Holiday Gift Guide

Order your custom gifts now to get delivered by the holidays
This year, make sure to raise the spirits of your loved ones with the LUCRIN 2021 Gift Guide offering custom leather gifts delivered to you in time for the festivities.



iPhone 手機殼

我們推出的適用於 iPhone 13、12 以及所有其他機型的奢華皮套系列是本季最實用的禮物。帶有首字母縮寫的字母組合可塑造一份特別的禮物,在假期結束後亦不會失去光澤。




使用LUCRIN为AirPod,iPad或Apple Watch定制的皮革配件,让圈内的Apple爱好者们欢呼雀跃。通过雕刻他们的姓名首字母来表达您的体贴

Everyday Accessories

These little gifts with a big impact are perfect presents for almost everyone. From compact wallets to passport cases, monogram initials on your essential accessory for more elegance.

Watch Cases

This season, fuel the horological obsession of your favourite person’s! Get their heart ticking with our line of leather watch cases, watch rolls and protective watch boxes - all fully customisable.